Nurse Blake Community Engagement Scholarship

Nurse Blake has brought a scholarship to ANSA! This scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding nursing student who goes above and beyond in her or his community. The scholarship amount will be a one time award of $500. The application process will inquire about recent volunteer work, nursing organization participation, campaigns that you have started or plan to start, charitable fundraising, etc. 

Student of the Year Award

Chapter Advisor of the Year Award

The Student of the Year Award is given to a person who demonstrates excellence in leadership through service to their community, their nursing program, and their local SNA chapter.  The recipient of this award is a model leader and nursing student who provides an example for all other nursing students to emulate.
This award is given to a chapter advisor who, through selfless giving of time, effort, wisdom, and care, is outstanding and invaluable assets to their school’s local SNA chapter, as well as state and national organization.  They believe that involvement in pre-professional then professional organizations is an essential part of the nursing profession.  This award requires nomination by a member of the local constituent organization.

Courageous Heart Award

This award is given to a student who has shown the great ability to rise up against adversity and still thrive during their career as a nursing student.  The recipient of this award demonstrates that through hard work and dedication, a person can rise up against all odds and succeed.

Bridging the Gap Scholarship

The Bridging the Gap Award is given to a student who will graduate between October 2018 and September 2019.  The student should be a great asset to their constituent organization and express an interest in becoming involved with the Arkansas Nurses Association.  The recipient of this award will receive one year of paid membership into the Arkansas Nurses Association.

ANSA Scholarship

This scholarship is available to one person from each district who has proved to be a standout member of their local and/or state constituent organizations through community service, professional behavior and educational merit.  The amount of the scholarship award is subject to change year to year based upon availability of funds within the ANSA budget.

Applications open 8/1/2020.

Application deadline is 9/18/2020 at 11:59 pm.